Privacy Policy

UBEEJOY Games respects and protects the personal privacy of all service users. In order to provide you with more accurate and more personalized service, UBEEJOY will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. However, UBEEJOY will treat such information in a high degree of diligence and discretion. Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, without your prior consent, UBEEJOY will not disclose such information to any third party. UBEEJOY may continue to update this privacy policy. At the time you agree to our Service Agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to all of the contents of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy belongs to an integral part of the Service Agreement.

1. Information Use

UBEEJOY fully respects and protects all personal information submitted and generated by users during use of website services provided by us. Unless otherwise stated in the terms, UBEEJOY will not disclose the user’s privacy information to any third party, without the prior consent of the user. Except with your permission, third parties or UBEEJOY individually or collectively serving you will be denied access to your information, including all previously accessible information upon termination of the service.

2. Information Storage and Exchange

Your information and data collected by UBEEJOY will be stored on our servers and (or) our affiliates’ servers. Such information and data may be transferred to foreign countries outside the country or region in which you are currently located, or the location where information and data is collected, and accessed and stored in foreign countries.

3. Information Administration

Without disclosing user’s privacy information, UBEEJOY is entitled to the technical analysis of the entire user database, and use it for commercial purposes after such analysis (including, but not limited to publishing, analyzing, or by other means, utilize the user’s access volume, access time, preferences and other user data).

4. Using Cookies to Collect Data

We may use cookies to collect user data, which helps users when revisiting the site. Cookies are small pieces of data sent by a web server and stored in a web browser so that the data can be read from the browser in the future. Currently, the data collected from cookies is used to improve service function. Data provided by UBEEJOY is analyzed and organized based on cumulative use of the service by users. Cookies helps the login process operate faster and more smoothly, and can store data between sessions.

You may disable cookies in your browser without affecting your experience on our website, but cookies do make our services more convenient. Disabling cookies may make using our service more complicated and involve more input procedures. You should also note that if you disable cookies, some features of UBEEJOY’s services may be affected.

5. Privacy Policy Update

UBEEJOY reserves the right to revise the terms of the Privacy Policy at any time. Without prior notice to individual users, we may publish revisions on the corresponding webpages when revising the terms. If a user does not agree to the revised content, the user may stop using all services provided by UBEEJOY. If the user continues to use any service provided by UBEEJOY, the user is deemed to have accepted the revised content provided by us.